The Emergency Medicine Quiz Book

a series of short puzzles to refresh your emergency medicine knowledge

Studying for the emergency medicine fellowship exam is a long process requiring many hours of hard work and commitment. Once the exam is completed there is understandably a tendency to put the revision books aside and to enjoy life again.

I found myself going through this process but wanted a reason to motivate myself to continue studying so that I would not lose my newly acquired knowledge.

I decided to create a revision quiz book. The idea was a series of short puzzles which could each be completed during brief periods of free time. The tasks cover a variety of emergency medicine knowledge, but most are designed to be of fellowship level standard. They are meant to be enjoyable and give the reader the sense that they are revising without the dread that comes with opening a large textbook.

I hope that the reader finds this quiz book useful, whether they are currently studying for exams now or whether they sat them 30 years ago.